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We have recently received word that the paper making community we work with are okay considering the scope of the recent tragedy in Nepal. We are relieved, although concerned with current conditions. Of course the paper makers have suffered much loss, and now must face the long hurdle of rebuilding and, more importantly, healing in various ways.
Please join us and continue to find ways to support the people of Nepal through various organizations so clean water, food, medicine, and other necessities can be effectively delivered and administered. Thank you.



Check out our new papers with very happy patterns.  These our very own custom color schemes.  Hand-carved woodblocks were used to hand-print on tree-free bast fiber paper called LOKTA.  Each sheet is approximately 22×30 inches.

Why not try them out today?  We think on your walls as wallpaper or wall-art would make you smile every time you see them.  Click here for quick video about using paper for walls found via AOL.

Making happy customers,

Paperwomen at Paper Connection International, LLC

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Amazing work by our friend Dan Wood, of DWRI Letterpress, who takes letterpress to the next level.

He used our precious Pang Pi and Large format Lokta paper for his latest work.  The print below was on our large Lokta paper, handmade in Nepal.

What is Pang Pi (pronounced: pahng pee) you might ask?  This paper is handmade out of mulberry from the Anhui Province, China; measuring 45×80 inches…that’s right, and it’s handmade!  It’s so large 2 pairs of hands are needed to move the giant mold.  Fibrous and rich in texture, this sheet took to his Vandercook press quite well.  Dan proves that letterpress on handmade Asian papers can reach levels beyond the embossed white rag that we commonly see.  His fusion of photographs onto plates is truly unique and expresses his wonderfully zany vision.   Opening reception at AS220 Project Space Gallery, September 12th, 2010.

As some of you know, we have many talented ladies working here at Paper Connection.  So what happens when one paperwoman asks another to create a wedding box for her big day? Voila!

Jeri's Wedding Box

Our trusty Deb made this wonderful box to hold cards and well wishes out of our Japanese Yuzen and Lokta from Nepal.  Our blushing bride Jeri was very pleased, and we were all amazed at Deb’s latest work of art.

Washi Well Wishes

BRAVO  to our paperwomen! Can’t wait for the big day!