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We have recently received word that the paper making community we work with are okay considering the scope of the recent tragedy in Nepal. We are relieved, although concerned with current conditions. Of course the paper makers have suffered much loss, and now must face the long hurdle of rebuilding and, more importantly, healing in various ways.
Please join us and continue to find ways to support the people of Nepal through various organizations so clean water, food, medicine, and other necessities can be effectively delivered and administered. Thank you.



As you can see, it’s a little different than Cinco de Mayo celebrations.   May 5th is known as  Boy’s Day, Children’s Day, kodomo no  hi, or as I call it : “The day when fish fly”.

Hundreds of Koi in the Sky

Koi Nobori from the Shore

Click on the youtube  link below to check out a monster size koi nobori 鯉のぼり (carp kite):

Biggest Koi Nobori Ever!